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RCY Waterbus Project

We are investigating the possibility of re-introducing a Water Bus service between Royal Clarence Yard and Portsmouth Harbour.



Between 2006-2009, there was a water taxi service but it had to be heavily subsidised and eventually ceased operations as there wasn’t sufficient demand to keep it going as a commercial operation.
However, since then a lot more homes have been built at RCY and Priddy’s Hard on the Gosport side of Portsmouth Harbour and we think the time might be right to reintroduce a water bus service.

Trial run

We ran a successful one day service from RCY to Portsmouth on Sat 14th May during the Home, Garden & Craft Fair and were delighted with the number of people who used the service and made positive comments.


Portsmouth News reported on the Waterbus, using a very supportive quote from Gosport's MP, Caroline Dinenage:

“The reinstatement of the Waterbus between Royal Clarence Yard and Portsmouth would be a wonderful addition to Portsmouth Harbour, increasing footfall to some of Gosport’s fantastic sites, including the Explosion Museum and Royal Clarence Yard. I know that there is keen public interest and the running of the Faithfull Servant on 14 May will be a great opportunity to test the commercial viability of the service.”

Waterbus opinion survey

Surveys have indicated a positive response from potential passengers to the water bus proposal. We now need to ask more detailed questions about the proposed service, questions about times and prices. We would be very grateful if you could take the time to give us your thoughts and opinions. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.


Royal Clarence Yard Water Bus Project Team



“I can't believe we don't have one !”


‘I have lived in Priddy's hard for 13 years so would welcome the idea.’


"I used the waterbus continuously last time and will be a daily user this time. I see it as very positive news for RCY."


Business: would very much welcome a reliable and commercially viable ferry or water taxi service from our Headquarters at Royal Clarence Yard in Gosport, direct to the Hard at Portsmouth.”

Neil Chapman: Founder


“We currently have to drive round to Portsmouth to see clients based there and on the Isle of Wight. We would definitely welcome the reintroduction of a regular direct service between Royal Clarence Yard and Portsmouth.”

Tye Conway
CEO and Founder


"The reinstatement of the water taxi would be a huge benefit to our business, we have regular visitors to our offices and workshop in Cooperage Green and these business visitors, from all over the world, often arrive by train into Portsmouth Harbour, by train from London or from Gatwick airport.  A direct link to Royal Clarence Marina would be both convenient and impressive.

We live in Flagstaff Green, and used to make regular use of the service that ran several years ago, so the revival of the water taxi service would be fantastic for us personally, and for friends and personal visitors."

Paula Padmore


Iron Heart